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SafetyStratus Research Advisory Group

Improving Workplace Performance with EHS Management Software

Failure to comply with environmental health and safety standards could result in legal penalties, medical costs, and lost-time injuries that effectively reduce productivity. All these consequences translate to financial burdens on employers. Hence, the success of a business is strongly

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Safety Metrics
Cary Usrey

The Uncertainty of Safety Metrics

The trouble […] is that you are trying to get out of your statistics something that you cannot get. No statistics will automatically do your safety job for you. They merely show you what sort of accidents you are having

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Human Error A Meaningless Term
Jim Loud

Human Error: A Meaningless Term

“Egyptian authorities suggest that the Ever Given container ship that ran aground blocking the Suez Canal could have been due to human error.”  Such headlines attributing serious accidents to “human error” are remarkably common following nearly every serious incident.  But

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