Safety Observations


The Purpose of Incident Management & Incident Investigations

Incident management and incident investigations, while not typically welcome due to their nature of something having gone wrong, are a necessary tool in any EHS professional‘s toolbelt. They have been getting a bad reputation lately and pushed to ‘lagging indicator’ … Read More

Safety Observation Findings

Assigning Severity Ratings to Safety Observation Findings

When conducting traditional risk assessments, severity is commonly used as a factor when determining the level of risk involved. Severity represents the most likely consequence of a particular hazard occurrence. In other words, if a hazard exists and is not mitigated, … Read More

Safety Observation Strategy

Safety Observation Strategy Guide

In my past blog, “A Guide for Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations”, I discussed the basic framework to support a comprehensive safety observation program. What I wish to explore further is the strategy of the safety observation process that … Read More

Safety Observation Program

Safety Observation Program Defined

In a previous article, Purpose of Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations, it was discussed that safety observations play a critical role in an overall safety management system. Further, the primary objectives of a safety observation program, ideally, are to … Read More

Safety Observation Training Program

Safety Observation Training Program

In a previous article, A Guide for Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations, the framework to support a robust safety observation program was discussed. Specifically, the fundamental components of a comprehensive framework for an inspection and observation program were highlighted. … Read More

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Myths are plentiful in the safety profession. So much so that I was able to compile 101 of the most common myths in a book – Safety Myths 101: Musings on Myths, Misunderstandings and More. The article below was the … Read More