2023Q3-1 Release Notes

Publication Date: October 10, 2023



  • A message will now inform users when a no-login inspection report link has expired.
  • When filtered, the “SAM Detail Report” will only display actions in the results that pertain to the specific client performing the search.

Chemical Inventory

  • The “Chemical Inventory Link” variable in the automated email for “Chemical Inventory Transfer Requests” will now redirect users to the “Transfer Requests” tab instead of the “Chemical Inventory” tab.
  • The “Scan Inventory” feature will now be available under “Chemical Inventory” and the “Testing” tab.
  • Hazards will now be automatically populated when adding “Mixtures” to the “Compounds” list.
  • A workflow option to pass all created inventory through the “Requisition and Screening” API has been added.

Web Reconciliation Updates:

  • An “Owner” field has been added to the “New Reconciliation” form. This field will be visible in all areas prescribed by the site setting.
  • General Users will be able to view a list of “Owners,” including the Principal Investigators (PIs), based on their permissions.
  • A site setting has been added that allows the selection of the requirement group role. Based on the selected role, General Users will be able to initiate “Reconciliations” for their PIs and view all rooms associated with their PIs on the “Reconciliation” form.
  • An option to import barcodes/RFID codes has been added to the “Reconciliation” form. This option will initiate the “Reconciliation” process.

Data Manager:

  • A “Cancel Request” button has been added to the “Radiation” section for canceling pickup requests.


  • A new email variable has been added for “Radiation Inventory Transfer” requests. This variable will notify PI/Permit Holder Roster Members whenever a transfer request is initiated.
  • A new email variable has been added to notify the PI/Permit Holder roster members of “RAM Package Delivery Confirmations.”
  • A new email variable has been added to the “Corrective Action Reassignment” email’s subject line so that it will support any type of inspection.


Chemical Inventory:

  • The “Chemical Transition” questions are now triggering correctly when users attempt to accept transition requests.


  • The “Date Range” filter for the “Corrective Actions” search will no longer be reset after each action is closed.

Data Manager:


  • The discrepancies in the “SDS Data Export” from the “SDS-Manual Upload” tab have been resolved.
  • The “Flash Point Unit” field was not enabled in the “Compound” form, this has been addressed.
  • Within Data Manager, a message will now be displayed when users attempt to dispose of items without a container through “Waste.”
  • The “OSHA301 Excel Export” is now accurately displaying “Injury Information.”
  • There was an issue with updating “Order Details.” This has been resolved.


  • The in-app dashboard for Non-admin Users with a large number of rooms under their permissions will now open correctly.
  • The “User Import Script” has been updated to support adding a user role and multiple supervisors.
  • A duplicate barcode will no longer be generated when the “Auto-generate” feature is enabled.

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