2023 Q4-1 Release Notes

Publication Date: February 26, 2024



  • We have introduced a bulk assign option that allows for the simultaneous assignment of multiple pending inspections to an inspector.
  • The complete inspection module has been updated to the latest version of Bootstrap (V5.2.5).
  • The UI of the settings page for the new inspection has been updated.
  • We have made slight UI changes to all tabs in the new inspection interface.
  • We have added a new feature that allows users to export the SAM inspector’s data under the summary reports.

Chemical Inventory

  • We have included input fields for the Version and Revision date in the SDS update form.
  • When the inventory is in the Pending Disposal status, we are implementing a precautionary measure to prevent the update of the container status. A warning message will be displayed to notify the user.


  • We have made an update to the Door Sign PDF by incorporating NFPA data, which is now based on the site settings.
  • Added two import options to store the TRIRIGA data provided by the client which is used to construct a custom dashboard.
  • We have enhanced the waste integration to update the container status for all containers, regardless of whether it was triggered through the disposal process or not.
  • The import script for bioagents has been updated to generate a new table specifically for new bioagents.
  • We have upgraded the major JavaScript and jQuery libraries to their latest versions.


  • We offer both the continued (old UI) and paginated UI options for Incident reporting, depending on the setting selected within the incident type configuration tab.


Chemical Inventory

  • Previously, chemical inventory partial disposals were not being logged in the inventory history. However, we have addressed this issue and it is now resolved.
  • The chemical inventory disposal feature was not functioning properly for containers without a specified volume. However, we have addressed this issue and it is now resolved.
  • Based on the site setting, the chemical inventory form now includes the Nano Particles and WPC activity fields.

Rad Inventory

  • The conversion of both the Possession limit and Order limit values in the Rad inventory is not reflecting the site setting in both the data table and export. It is now resolved.

Database Changes

  • Added a new column called uy_type in the incident_type table.
  • Added version and revision date columns to both ss_sds_requests table and ss_sds_versions_log.
  • Updated system integration with IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite.
  • Created new database table bio_agent_list for storing the bio agents list. Inserted default/existing bio agent details in bio_agent_list table.

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