2022 Q4-2 Release Notes

Publication Date: January 27, 2023



  • We have updated the “SAM Inspector Summary Report” to show all the “Inspectors”/ “Admins” of the project roster.
  • We have implemented sending the “Daily Closed Actions Summary Reports” to inspectors through email.
  • We have added a scroll bar for the “Sub-Contractors” list on the “Inspection Questions” page for SAM.
  • We have added a setting to configure a limit for “Corrective Actions” in SAM. The limitation will default to 20.
  • When a user has the “Laboratory Safety Manager (LSM)” role in the “Principal Investigator (PI)” roster, they can now access or manage the “Corrective Actions” of that PI.


  • We have added “Item Assessed” information to the body of the automated “Review Assessment Complete and Signature Renotify” email.


  • We have added a setting at the “Permit Type” level that will enable or disable special conditions on the approval form.

Chemical Inventory

  • We have enabled an automated email to support staff change notifications. Admins will receive an email when the information for the “Owner” of a chemical will terminate in a configurable number of days.
  • We have updated the chemical inventory export to add time-sensitive chemical information.
  • We have implemented Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) reporting for a client.

Data Manager

  • We have provided Administrator-type access on several tabs within “Data Manager” for non-admins, based on the user’s assigned tag.
  • We have added a setting to make the “Weight” field register what is required for each container on the “Waste Pickup Entry” form.
  • We have implemented a new PDF report for radioactive waste containers. The report includes all the “Container” details and a barcode.
  • We have added “Group tags.” We have updated the “Group Data Table,”
    “Continue Inspections,” “Pending Inspections,” and “Complete inspections” areas to show this “tags” information.


  • We have added an “Active Only” filter to both the in-app “Dashboards” and “Summary Reports” for SAM.


  • We have implemented the ability to send any “Summary Report” to any configured users.
  • We have updated the “Bulletins” module to support attachments.
  • We have added a “Bulletins Data Table” to display all types of notifications.


UI Changes

  • We have updated the “UI” Dashboards.
  • We have updated the header for “UI” to display a profile icon, the user’s first name, and then the last name.


  • “Inspection Score” data was showing incorrectly on the “Inspection Report.” This has been updated.
  • While performing an inspection, duplicate categories were listed. This has been addressed.
  • Within the “User Roster” search field, if a user typed “NO,” they would see an error code. This has been updated.


  • We have updated the in-app “Dashboard” filters to display parent groups under those same parent group filters and subgroups under their subgroup filters.
  • We have updated the “Count Discrepancy” on in-app “Dashboards” and “Summary Reports” within SAM.


  • We have updated the validation feature for “File Upload” questions within “Permits.”
  • The “Next Approver” emails are now triggered appropriately for “Permit Applications.”

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