2022 Q1-2 Release Notes

Publication Date: May 6, 2022



  • Modified automated scheduling for pending inspections. If an asset/user/room/group is assigned a new inspection template with the “Monthly Last” schedule, the due date will be set to the last day of the current month. (For example, if today is 4/6/2022, then the automatically assigned due date would be 4/30/2022). When the inspection is completed, the NEXT assigned due date would be the last day of the NEXT month. (If the inspection was completed on 4/6/2022, the next due date would be 5/31/2022).
  • Added a new template setting for selecting the groups that will be required to receive email notifications while inspecting that template.
  • Added an “Independent SAM Detailed Report.”
  • Added a condition to ignore the archived groups and categories in the “Questions” tab under “Edit Inspections.”
  • Provided an option at the template level for alerting inspectors if they have not completed all inspection questions before they are able to submit an inspection.
  • Added a required validation for each selected scope item that has at least 1 listed roster member.
  • The order of questions on the “Inspection report” now follows the same ordering used for categories of the “Inspection template” for SAM.


  • Added a single default search box to the top of the page in “Latch SDS” that contains all five search fields (CAS, Chemical name, Product name, Product Number, Manufacturer.) Added a toggle button to display/hide the old filters.

Data Manager

• Added a “Notes” column to the “waste containers” and “Export waste containers” tabs in Data Manager.
• The following is the list of common fields that were added for groups. A setting has been added on the group type level that indicates which attributes are available for each group type (or classification level.)

Project fields requested:

1. Address
2. Project Number
3. Project Owner Company (Ideally linked to a company database as a subgroup listing)
4. City
5. State
6. ZIP
7. Country
8. Telephone
9. Description
10. Project Type (e.g., Hospital, Hotel, School, etc.)
11. Company ID (e.g., Tax ID #)
12. Company Unique Identifier (e.g., database ID #)
13. Company Type (e.g., Concrete, Drywall, Electrical, Flooring, etc.)

Chemical Inventory

  • Added an option to set the ordering limit for chemicals. If the product quantity is lower than the threshold, an email notification will be sent to the chemical owner according to the daily schedule. This feature can be activated under “chemical settings.”


  • Created a schedule script to update “Incurred Dollars” and “Incurred Med Dollars” data in the Incident form.


  • Multiple emails can now be configured per incident type (to be sent when an incident is submitted.)
  • Added a new incident type level setting “Add Filter option to anonymous user incidents.” This is found under “Edit Incidents” -> “Incident Type” -> “Add/Edit” form. Used to filter “anonymous user incidents” in any open “incidents data table.”
  • Updated the “Generate Claim” text file by adding a new record type in the second line with the OSHA date of injury and department code.
  • Provided a new “Sign/Share Allowed” setting for each “Incident Types,” enabling permission for “Sign/Share” based on the assigned system role.
  • Any incident form “Sign/Share request” can now be sent to external email addresses.


  • Added a new setting: “Allow Roster members to confirm delivery.” This allows any PI roster user to confirm the delivery of RAM Inventory. This setting is turned off by default.


  • Added an export option for exporting the SAM summary report data.
  • Added a new import option for Iq admins to import job codes.
  • Updated the “AIMS directory search integration” according to client API changes.
  • All templates are now available under the “Download Templates” option in the “Import Data” tab.
  • Added more import templates under “import data functionality” to support the implementation of clients who are heavy “group” and “SAM” users.
  • Changed the label for “Token Expire Duration (Days)” to “CA Link expiration (Days).”



  • “SAM Inspections dashboard” count has been updated to include “observations” count.
  • “SAM Summary report” count has been updated to include “observations” count.
  • Users with the “self-inspector” tag were unable to continue saved inspections from the
    “Continue” tab. This issue has been addressed.
  • Observation questions are now showing on the “SAM Detail Report.”


  • “Amendment” or “Renewal” applications were showing the original permit number instead of the current permit number. This issue has been addressed.
  • When a permit application was denied, the approver’s copied email did not include the approver’s and applicant’s name from the PI field. This issue has been addressed.


  • Removed “Add comment” for array questions. This was appearing when users opened shared incidents with a no-login link.

Chemical Inventory

  • A dispense request is no longer able to be created when the quantity is at zero.
  • Inventory is now able to be disposed when the quantity is at zero.

Data Manager

  • The “site audit log” will now be updated when “rooms/assets” are updated on the “user details” page.
  • The link that was generated through a group QR code was not properly displaying the “group membership” detail. This issue has been addressed.


  • Several side menu options’ font colors appeared the same as the background color, but were visible when the mouse hovered over them. This issue has been addressed.
  • Within the “waste pickup schedule,” “open,” “responded,” and “overdue” records will now be shown while filtering with “open” status.
  • The date filter issue occurring with the “Top 10 Questions w/ Most Corrective Actions” widget in dashboards has been updated.

Database Changes

  • Created a “template_requirment_group_map” table with the following columns:
  • template_id
  • requirment_group_id
  • Added a new column: “filter_anonymous_incident” to the “incident_type” table.
  • Added a “fit_test_job_codes” table for a client.
  • Created the ability to view “v_fit_results” for a client to get “json” data.
  • Added a database script to add “ordering_limit” and “ordering_limit_uom_id” columns to the “chemical_inventory” table.
  • Created a database script for adding “Chem Inv Ordering Limit” email types in the “site_email_master” table to send email notifications for “Low quantity Threshold” updates to the “Inventory Owner.”
  • Created a database script for adding a “sign_share_role_id” column to the “incident_type” table.

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