2022 Q3-1 Release Notes

Publication Date: December 2, 2022



  • We renamed the “Open Inspections” tab to “Actions by Inspection” under “corrective actions.”
  • The “Edit Inspection” Template UI has been updated.


  • We have added a new feature for designating reviewers for group assessments. This feature is a new “LQ Admin” setting, labeled “Enable Group Reviewer Email.”
  • We have added a “Limit Room Types” filter within the “Edit LATCH > Assessment Settings” under the “Admin” tab. This will show in the “change room” section when creating a new LATCH assessment.

Data Manager

  • We have a new search filter, “Database ID,” within “Data Manager > Rad Inventory.”
  • We have updated “User Merge” to include “Chemical Inventory.”
  • We have added “additional Group fields” to the “Groups” export.


  • In a specific client’s integrations, users can now be added with the “Inspector” role and “user inspection permission” as a default. This allows those users to conduct inspections on any project listed on the site and view completed inspections and corrective actions.
  • We have added an external client integration within “forms.”


  • The “Incident submit” message is now set by going to “Edit Settings”→ “Label”→ “Incident.”
  • We added the following option: “Have Exit Page?” and the related text, “Exit Page Message,” under “Edit Incidents → Incident Types →Create New Incident Type” and “Edit Incident Type.” After submitting the incident, the user will immediately be directed to a separate page with the “Exit Page Message.”


  • Previously, only users with the “Admin” role could reassign permit forms. There is now an “Allow permit form re-assignment role” setting on the “Permit Type” form configuration under “Edit Forms.” This will allow users with other roles to reassign permit application forms.

In-App Dashboards

  • On the In-app Dashboard, we have added a “Top 10 categories by Safe Responses” chart to “Inspections.” This chart displays the “safe response” count of a respective category.
  • The “Top 10 Categories by Actions” chart has been updated from an annual line chart to a stacked bar chart. This can be accessed through “Dashboards” → “Corrective Actions.”


  • Users can now update the short name for the existing organization while importing “Space Inventory.”
  • We have changed a client’s “Training integration” data file path. Previously, training CSV data files were pulled from a third-party server. An SS Sftp server has been introduced and a subfolder for training files has been created.
  • There is now an “LQ Admin” setting to enable or disable “Location Page” in mobile applications. The default is for it to be enabled.

We have created an import script to update “incident created date,” “incident reporter,” “contributing factors,” “osha301 date of hire,” “select supervisor,” and “end time determined.”



  • Rosters assigned to certain inspections were getting “inspection completion” emails, even when the inspection was not completed. This has been updated.
  • We have resolved all “Assigned Inspector” filter issues on the “Pending Inspections” data table.
  • The selection to hide or show “Inspection details” was not working properly on the final review page. This has been updated.
  • The “SAM Inspection Summary” export was getting thrown off due to an erroneous numerical value in the first place for the “severity” label. This has been updated.
  • The process of exporting “inspection responses” logs was interrupted by a comma appearing in the “inspection response” table. This has been updated.


Data labels have been added for semi-pie and pie charts in “dashboards.”

Chemical Inventory

  • Some clients’ “Chemical Inventory” data tables were showing duplicate rows. This has been updated.
  • When opening “SDS” from “edit chemical inventory,” an error was appearing. This has been updated.

Compliance Calendar

  • All “Assigned Inspector” filter issues have been addressed on the “Compliance Calendar.”


  • The “Waste Desired Pickup date” field for “manual edit” has been restricted to only be selectable with the date selector.

Data Manager

  • There was an issue with “Sorting” and “Filters” on the “Groups” data table. This has been updated.
  • Any data discrepancies on the “Groups” data table have been updated.
  • The “DM”→ “Assets”→ “Asset types” and “Asset manufacturers” sorting buttons were not functioning properly. This has been updated.
  • “Training Completed date” has been added to the “Training Export” sheet.
  • The “Group membership” search for “inspector accounts” has been updated.
  • The popup window that appears when a user role is changed from “general user” to “inspector” (or from any other role to “inspector”) within “user details” has been updated.


  • The “LATCH emergency contact export report” contained room information that had been removed and role changes from “principal investigator.” This has been updated.
  • Within “LATCH Assessment,” the box for signatures was appearing on the online report, even when the “Signature Required for Approve Assessments” setting was turned off in the “Latch settings.” This has been updated.


  • The mobile application’s “Token” setting under “LQ Admin” had a heading alignment issue. This has been updated.
  • A specific client’s acknowledgment files were not generating properly due to a break line in the “accident description” fields. This has been updated.
  • “Group labels” were not saving under “Edit settings” → “Labels.” This has been updated.

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