2022 Q2-1 Release Note

Publication Date: July 8, 2022



  • We’ve changed the “Cycle (days)” label to “Default Cycle (days)” and the “Pending Buffer (days)” label to “Default Pending Buffer (days)” under “Edit Template” within “Edit Inspections” in the Admin Tab.
  • Added an information bubble for “Default Cycle (days)” stating, “Default Cycle is used when an inspection cycle is not specified in the inspection.”
  • The “Inspection Cycle (days),” and “Inspection Cycle Buffer (days)” fields will be shown only when “Inspection Required” is set to “yes.” This section is under the “room type/asset type” edit option in “Data Manager.” If “Inspection Required” is set to “no,” then only the fields for “Room/Asset Type Description” and “Room/Asset Type status” will be visible.
  • When “Inspection Type” is selected, that category will appear in the “Category” filter under “SAM summary reports.”

Data Manager

  • Within “Data Manager”, we’ve added two new tabs: “Roster Roles” and “Rosters” for managing roster functionality.
  1. The “Roster Roles” tab is used to create new or update existing roster roles.
  2. The “Rosters” tab is used to assign users to a roster or update already existing room/asset/group/user information.
  • Within “LQ Admin settings,” additional fields that have been selected will be displayed under the “group” and “group type” add/edit forms.


  • An integration has been added for “Users,” “Groups,” “Sub Groups,” “Group Assignments” and “Groups Roster Assignment” data on certain clients’ sites.


  • In “Data Manager”, under the “Exports” tab, “Total Safe” and “Total Unsafe” columns have been added to the “Inspection Response Log Export.”
  • Claim files have been updated with “Date of Injury or Loss field” and “Department Code” data.



  • Under “SAM Detail Report,” the auditor filter has been updated.
  • Action comments under “SAM Detail Report” are now able to be viewed.
  • Users with a “self-inspector tag” are now able to continue an inspection from the “Inspection” menu.
  • When an inspector is assigned to a pending inspection, that same user will be automatically assigned the inspector role for the next scheduled inspection.
  • Only observation question generated actions are included under the “actions count” on the “SAM Actions” Dashboard.
  • Only observation question generated actions are included under the “actions count” on the “SAM Summary” reports.
  • Requirement groups were not appearing when selecting or deselecting the categories within the “Edit Template” form. This has been addressed.

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