2022 Q1-1 Release Notes

Publication Date: March 8, 2022



  • Details such as “inspector” status can now be updated while an inspection is being completed.
  • Changing the category of a parent inspection question will recategorize all the attached child inspection questions. There will now be a warning message to give the user feedback of this happening before they can proceed.


  • Created a new “SAM Summary Report” page in web, with filters and a data table.
  • Added a “SAM Detail Report” on “SAM Summary Report” page.
  • When starting a new inspection, a drop down now displays on the project selection page that lists all projects assigned to the inspector. A LQ admin setting was added that enables/disables this functionality via “Inspectable object dropdown” and “Inspector” under “Inspection Module.”
  • Removed the “severity” field from the “safe actions for observation” questions.
  • Removed “Project name” as an inspectable entity.


  • Added “Import” option to enable the addition of external SDS URL’s.
  • SDS Book search filters are now a single search filter enabling searches by owner, location, and room.


  • Added “created date” to the waste container data table.


  • Hierarchy expanded for “Location” and “Organization.”
  • For “Location,” the expanded hierarchy is as follows
    • Continents
    • Countries
    • Regions
    • States
  • For “Organization,” the expanded hierarchy is as follows:
    • Division 5
    • Division 4
    • Division 3
    • Division 2
    • Division 1
  • To expand the hierarchy below LQ admin, the following settings must be enabled:
  • Under “Spaces”
    • Enable “Space Classification”
    • Select “Space Hierarchy” (default-3, max hierarchy-7)
  • Under “Organization”
    • Enable “Organization Classification”
  • Select “Organization Hierarchy” (default-2, max hierarchy-7)
  • Created new label fields under “Labels” settings for “State,” “Region,” “Country,” “Continent,” “Division 1,” “Division 2,” “Division 3,” “Division 4,” and “Division 5.”
  • Added “Start Date” column to “inspections data export” under “data manager export.”
  • Added “overdue” as a possible status for “pick up schedule.”
  • Added date-related filters (request, actual, start, and end dates) to “pick up schedule” window under “waste” tab.
  • Added a setting that would apply to the entire site that decreases the amount of radioactivity from the “RAM permit” when the “RAM inventory” is disposed into the waste container.


  • Added a setting to “show/hide” desired date from “LATCH pick up” view.
  • Added the ability to delete a waste container once it’s empty and not requested for a pick-up.


  • Within the COFE form, a new field was added for configuring training details for the selected user from the user drop down question.


  • Added a new button for incident reports—”Generate Claim.” After initial submission of an incident this button will be visible. In clicking this button, a text file with all the form data will be generated and shared to the client’s Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP.


  • Created a script for gathering all the acknowledgement files from the client’s SFTP, updating the claim number in the form, and sending notifications regarding “Updated Claim Number” and “Rejected Claim Number” results.


  • Added “Just in Time” feature for users to submit access requests for any user on any site.
  • Added a LQ setting for labelling a “Full Inspection” template as active/inactive.
  • Added an “ID ram_id” column to the “Radioactive Isotope” table in the “RAD” tab under the “edit settings” page.

Radiation Module

A new setting that allows the radiation safety program to choose when radioactive material is removed from the authorized user’s permit. The default is after the waste container is removed from the lab through the waste pickup process. The new setting, when active, allows the radioactive material to be removed from the authorized user’s permit when the material is used and deposited into a waste container, even if the waste container is still in the lab’s possession.



  • When an inspector attempted to perform an inspection for a “Group” that had only “Assets” and not an assigned “Room,” that “Group” was not able to be seen in the dropdown to perform inspections. This has been updated.


  • “Incident signature reminder” notifications included links that failed to load/save the form provided. This has been updated.


  • Adjusted the bar code scanner so that it is now more responsive on different screens.


  • “LATCH”> “Waste” > “Pickup” > “Waste Pickup Request” page > “Submit Request” button was not working on the first attempt. This has been updated.
  • Users were unable to edit “Group” roster in “LATCH.” This has been updated.
  • Under “Waste,” the “Unit” toggle was not working. This has been updated.
  • Under “LATCH,” the “Orders” data table was showing an incorrect count. This has been updated.
  • On “LATCH Assessment,” the “Risk Assessment” PDF was showing incorrect roster members. This has been updated.
  • The “Meter” and “Surveyor” search were not working in both “RAD Inventory” and “Orders.” This has been updated.
  • The “Line-Item” export was limited to the data table view, leaving no way to export everything as the “Show All” option for the table was missing. This has been updated.
  • Under “Permit Requests” view page, the “Table of Contents” menu was not displaying at the top of the table. This has been updated.


  • “DM” > “Waste” > “Disposal and Shipment” > the “Data Table Export” was taking a long time to download. This has been updated.


  • All recently updated SDS have been added to the chemical inventory.
  • Gave only “Admins” access to “SDS Book” functionality.
  • All “SDS Book” download errors have been updated.


  • Added access restrictions for “Home Page” and left menu links. These links cannot be accessed at the same time as any no-login links (“Kiosk” link, “Anonymous Incident” URL, “Incident Share” URL, “Inspection Simple Reports,” and “Inspection Full Reports.”)
  • Added a new variable, orderer_email, for “RAD Package Delivered” incident email type.
  • Added “Created Date” field in the section for “Waste Export.”

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