2021 Q4-2 Release Notes

Publication Date: January 14, 2022



  • For the “client-specific” export, training-related information for the rosters has been excluded for a simpler view report.
  • On the “corrective action” form, we have removed the “N/A” option in the “severity level” option list for “SAM inspections.”
  • We have improved the performance of the action tags search functionality.
  • We introduced a new no-login link to display all open actions based on the user’s role permissions.
  • Users can get this link by following
    • DM – Users – User profile – Send CA Link (It will send a no-login CA link to the user’s email).
    • Corrective Actions – Send CA Link – Send Link (It will send a no-login CA link to the user’s email).
    • After completion of an inspection (in “Inspection Action” mail.)
    • After creating an action (in “Inspection Report” mail.)
  • Details regarding the no-login “open actions” page:
    • A no-login link is generated with a token – this token will expire within 180 days (this is configurable to another time frame.)
    • When a user hits an expired no-login link, it will show an “expired” message and send a new login link to the user.
    • New Email type created for this CA no-login link – Email Type – CA link notification
      Email variable for CA no-login link – %nologinCAlink%.
    • A new role has been introduced – “SAM Safety Officer” enables the user to view all the open actions from a vendor or company, whichever they belong to.
    • Users who were not assigned this role can only view the open actions which are assigned to them.
    • You can assign this role to the roster while creating a new inspection and also from DM -> Groups -> Edit Group -> Membership.


  • In SDS, we have added an option to add an “External SDS Link.” We already have an option attaching a SDS pdf, so this is an added to that.
  • We have updated “SDS Book” and “SDS Book Filter” options with “Owner” dropdown restrictions.
  • We have applied SDS to all the catalog entries with the same product number and manufacturer.


  • We added “Help” text to “assigned date” under the “receive package” form.
  • We added a “Location Type” filter for OSHA 300, OSHA 300 Privacy Cases, and OSHA300A log exports under the Data Manager’s “Export” tab (only for client-specific).
  • We added “Group Classification” to “Group Types” in Data Manager.
  • We added a setting at the “Group Classification” level to make all groups under that classification level either inspectable or non-inspectable. Added lq_admin setting to enable/disable this feature whenever necessary.
  • We added “Group Membership” and “Inspection Roster” label options under “Group Classification > Edit.” These labels can be updated on the group info page.


  • We added “Send Response” and “Send Comments” buttons to the “applicant” and “approver/reviewer” views, respectively. This allows users to send notifications regarding any COFE form comments.
  • We added a lq_admin setting to show/hide the trigger email button (“Send Response/Send Comments”) on the “authorization info” page.
  • We added a “Response Required” field to the COFE comment form.
  • We added the setting “Approve with unaddressed required comments” in edit forms, under the approver section, allowing the approver to approve the form even when the required comments aren’t addressed.
  • We added the ability to lock/unlock individual comments.
  • We added the ability to add child comments (users will be able to respond to each parent comment.)
  • We added a filter for required comments under the “Notes and Comments” tab on the “authorization info” page.
  • We added a data_id column to the “Permit Authorization” export.
  • We have added an option to clear the value in the “user search” dropdown and respective “auto reference” values in COFE forms.


  • Now department details are also added via client-specific user data integration.


  • Time Zone offsets are now changed to “UTC Date.”
  • We added a “Administrator User Guide” menu under the “Administrator” category, which is only visible to users with an “Administrator” role.
  • Now “Location Type” can also be inserted via client-specific Incident import functionality.
  • We provided a link to upload the “client-specific Incident Cost Sheet” in .csv format so that it will support large data files. An email will be sent once the import is successful.
  • We added a new import option for client-specific to update incident osha_300_log_injury_or_illness_classification  based on  the corvel_case_number.



  • For observation questions, corrective actions are not getting generated when the action threshold value is 0.
  • Regarding action scope—If any specific scope for any corrective action was selected, that action was showing as separate corrective actions on the “review inspections” screen. This has been updated.


  • “To” email ids are getting flip-flopped for “Permit Denial” emails. The approver is getting the applicant’s email address and vice versa.
  • When reassigning form(s) to another user after comments have already been added, that new user is not being added to the notification recipients table.
  • “Add Comment” and “Reply” buttons are hidden on the approval form and for completed forms.
  • The “archive” option is hidden on the approval form and for approved permits.
  • We have updated the “Lock All Comments” and “Reopen Comments” features. Upon clicking “Reopen Comments,” it reopens all the comments.
  • The child question was not appearing properly after form submission. This has been updated.


  • Incident links from incident emails were redirecting to a blank page instead of the actual details page. This has been updated.


  • Assessments were not honoring all the currently listed emergency contacts. Those contacts were often being left out of the final assessment report. This has been updated.
  • Assessments started in the “Due” tab could only be continued from within the “Due” tab. The assessments were listed in the “Open” tab, but there was no “Continue” option for general users. This has been updated.
  • We have updated the “show disposed of” button so that it shows “In Stock,” “Storage,” and “Disposed” status when selected.


  • A multiple-department assignment to “Group” was showing multiple rows in the “Group data” table. There is now only one entry for a “Group.”


  • There were alignment issues of the “Confirm” pop-up on the “RAM Inventory” page.
  • When inventory was disposed (added to a container,) if the remaining inventory was below a certain threshold (e.g. 0.01230 uCi,) it was being displayed in inventory as 0.00000 uCi. This would also happen if a small amount of inventory was transferred into a waste container (e.g. 0.01230 uCi,) the activity shown in the container after disposal was 0.00000 uCi. In both cases, it appears that the inventory was being rounded down to 0.00000 instead of showing the actual activity. This has been updated.

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