2021 Q4-1 Release Notes

Publication Date: November 17, 2021



  • Added a feasibility for saving comments without answering any questions while doing inspection.
  • Introduced a new “no login” link to display all open actions based on the User’s role permissions.

Users can get this link through the following ways:

  • DM – Users – User profile – Send CA Link (It will send no login CA link to the users’ emails.)
  • Corrective Actions – Send CA Link – Send Link (It will send no login CA link to the users’ emails.)
  • After completion of Inspection (In Inspection Action mail.)
  • Creating action (In Inspection Report mail.)

Details regarding the “no login” open actions page:

  • No login link is Generated with a token – this token will expire within 180 days (by default.)
  • When the user hits an expired no login link, an expiry message will be displayed and a new login link will be sent to the user.
  • New Email type created for this CA no login link – Email Type – CA link notification.
  • Email variable for CA no login link – nologinCAlink.
  • A new role has been introduced – SAM Safety Officer allows users to view all the open actions from a vendor or company, whichever they belong to.
  • Users who were not assigned this role can only view their assigned open actions.
  • It is now possible to assign role to Roster while creating a new Inspection and also from DM -> Groups -> Edit Group -> Membership.


Radiation Management

  • Displaying waste container contents on both LATCH Disposal page and the Data Manager Disposal page. Added a toggle show/hide setting for the contents button to Edit Settings > RAD.
  • User details in waste pickup data table are shown whenever the user performs waste pick up, also included are that user’s details in the pickup schedules export files.



  • Created new in-App Dashboards for SAM Inspections and SAM Corrective Actions.

Data Manager

  • Added actions questions in actions reports under data manager/exports.
  • Added User Tags field to PI Room List export.



  • Expanded view permission for permits from separate menu so that user x has dept A/Org B under user inspection permissions then that user will see their permits and the permits of the users who are in that Dept A/ Org B.
  • It is now possible to search rooms with building code, building name, room name and room code under permit applications.


Chemical Inventory

  • Added “Not Found – Create Entry” option to compound search results dropdown.



The status column sorting on the training data table (New Inspection -> Start Inspection -> Training) was not working. This has been updated.


  • In Observer Summary Report, the “Safe/ Unsafe” percentages issue has been updated.

Radiation Management

  • The search results did not return the records of the owners when the owner’s name was copied and pasted with special characters like () under search box. This has been updated.
  • Added an Activity field as required, meaning the value should be greater than 0 under RAM Orders Page.



  • The was a PDF format issue where long text/URLs were added as responses for text questions in permit applications. This has been updated.
  • The expiration date calculation under “permits” was not honored based on the selected permit type duration value, under permit config. This has been updated.
  • On Permit form, a change took place whenever there was just one character change. This has been updated. 


  • Weird characters, extra spaces, and date format issues were showing in Export excel under open / close incidents. This has been updated.


  • On Latch Assessment, “Describe Activities” text was not appearing in all views of the assessment. This has been updated.

Data Manager

  • In Data Manager, the “Add” button was getting disabled when searching for and selecting another container in Waste Shipment, adding multiple containers to the shipment. This has been updated.
  • In Data Manager exports, the inspection template filter was not working while exporting actions data. This has been updated.


  • A user search was not always showing direct matches as the top result under various places in labcliq. This has been updated.
  • Updated the labels in all modules with the respective label in Edit Settings > Labels.
  • Provided support email on error page instead admin email.

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