2021 Q1-3 Release Notes

Publication Date: November 17, 2021


Compliance Calendar

  • Now we can add multiple notifications for Classifications/ Events/ Assignments under Compliance Calendar.

Dashboards & Analytics

  • An “Assignee” filter was added to Corrective Actions.
  • Two new components, “corrective actions by asset type (pie chart)” and “corrective actions by inspection type (pie chart),” were added to the Corrective Actions dashboard.

Data Manager

  • Added a training completion date to the training table.
  • Now we can print submitted RAD applications/amendments under the “Permits” Tab in DM.


  • Adjusted all Excel export buttons in the application so that the export content is based on filters (not based on pagination.)
  • Added review comments to Inspection Data export.

Incident Management

  • Created a scheduled script which will update “Away from days (osha_total_days)” in “DART days” if a return-to-work date was not given.
  • Now, separate section emails can be configured for each section of an Incident.

Inspections & Observations

  • Included an option to continue an inspection within “Pending Inspections.”
  • Added location-based action statements which display different comments for an action, based on a location, even for same question.

LATCH(Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene)

  • On E-signature Block, a light gray watermark of “SIGN HERE” is added to the signature box.
  • The phone number will automatically be pulled from a user’s details if selected in Laboratory Assessment Tool& Chemical Hygiene (LATCH) as an emergency contact.
  • Added a simple excel export of all disposed inventory including fully disposed containers/chemicals, as well as partial disposals.

Permit Authorizations

  • Added a preview of what a user is about to approve while approving a permit.
  • Added ability for admins to archive comments under a permit application.
  • No results will show in the main Permits table until “Apply Filters” is clicked, allowing admins to speed up load times for these users.
  • Added a new “bioagents” dropdown list and added an import template for the same.
  • Distribution of checkbox collection questions into the columns in “Forms.”
  • Added ribbon coloring to array questions to distinguish between each question when the permit form is in an unlocked state.
  • Now automated emails will be sent to the person responsible for permit sub forms, based on reminder interval set. A permit type configuration has been added to turn on/off this functionality.


  • Two SafetyStratus Administrator settings, “Enable Print in Permit Review” and “Add File to print in Permit Review,” were added.


Dashboards & Analytics

  • Stopped showing “Cancelled” Inspections on Inspections dashboard.

Data Manager

  • A duplicate “User Notes” table is displayed after saving every new note in User Info page.
  • When removing all rooms from a PI’s profile, the PI status will also be removed.

Inspections & Observations

  • Unable to create Observation Question in Edit Inspections.

LATCH(Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene)

  • Added “Read More” button/option for expanding the instructions box.
  • Showing re-notify Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH) Signature form only to those users who have not signed the assessment.
  • While completing a Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH) assessment, clicking Save/Continue, the category is not immediately shifting to the next category.
  • Allow user room reassignment setting is not working in Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH).

Permit Authorizations

  • Hiding tracked changes for completed/approved permit applications (Print Forms button).

RAM(Radioactive Materials Management)

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