2020 Q4-3 Release Notes

Publication Date: November 17, 2021

What's Changed

Inspections & Observations:

  • Data Manager view for Users/Rooms/Assets includes more complete recent inspections listings.
  • Provided new option for assigning inspections to Admins as well as inspectors.

LATCH (Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene):

  • New users added as rosters in Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH) will now get the sign option for the most recent assessment.
  • On Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH), now the privileged user (PI) can finalize the assessment through the report link sent in the lab assessment report email itself rather than just view the result.

Permit Authorizations/Permit Management:

  • When selecting permit to amend or renew, now users can see the permits which they have submitted previously.
  • Updated permit creation logic to base expiration date on issue date when not explicitly set.

Compliance Calendar:

  • Performance improvements.


  • New import option added under DataManager à Tags à UserTags to attach a desired tag to multiple users at a time.

What's Fixed

Inspections & Observations:

  • While Reassigning a corrective action, if entered email address is valid and not in our system then a new user will be created with that email.

Permit Authorizations:

  • When any required question is not answered in a form then it will bring the user to that unanswered question upon clicking ‘Submit’.
  • Rebuilt change tracking for multi-entry/table (array of objects) questions in forms to eliminate cases where rows were being compared to the incorrect previous entry.
  • Fixed comment dialog display for multi-entry questions in locked forms.

Chemical Inventory System & SDS Integrations:

  • Resolved bug with Chemical Inventory Systems Transfer email the system where it was displaying inventory codes under compound names column.
  • “Chemical” Spelling correction in Chemical Inventory Systems Transfer Email Types.
  • Corrected bug in mobile view where a user was unable to interact with filters on Chemicals and Compounds tab in Chemical Inventory Systems.
  • Added support for hyphens for CAS number search while adding new catalog items.
  • Fixed bug when a catalog item was present in any inventory and a user tried to replace it with a new catalog item, the result was not being saved.

Database Changes:

  • Added db script to update component column value for Safe/Unsafe observations under New
  • Added cofe_array_key column to form_changes

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