Chemical Engineering

Smiths Group Addresses the Climate Change Challenge by Reducing Methane Emissions

The increasing concentration of methane in the atmosphere is of major concern for efforts to address the climate change challenge. Methane has significantly greater potential for global warming than CO2. Though natural gas is a relatively clean energy source, the … Read More

Hazard Communication Standard: Objective and Key factors

Hazard Communication Standard: Objective and Key factors

Chemicals are a valuable asset in the workplace, but only if used safely. The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) was designed to provide information about hazardous chemicals to assure chemical safety at the workplace in any industry. The intent is to … Read More


Impact of Microplastics on the Ecosystem

Plastic has become a part of our day to day life because of its low-cost, durability, and versatility. Despite these benefits, we cannot ignore its adverse effects on the environment stemming from littering and mismanaged waste. In every corner of … Read More