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Inspections and Observations

Simple Ways Technology Improves Inspections and Observations

The impact of technology has been felt in every facet of life in very specific ways. This is because technological advancements have simplified complex and exacting processes. Tasks that could have stretched into weeks and months have been executed in … Read More

EH&S Manager

The Top 5 Environmental Management Skills Every EH&S Manager Needs to Be Successful

Environmental health and safety (EH&S) management has become increasingly important in companies – from preventing workplace injuries to ensuring a well-lit working environment. Unfortunately, many times the “E” for “environmental” is seen as less important in the modern workplace, or … Read More

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance: The Need to Go Beyond Compliance

Despite the universally shifting focus towards sustainability, many businesses still have not “bought-in” to ideas such as corporate responsibility and ESG, and merely participate at the bare minimum level to attain compliance. While stakeholders push the agenda for ethical business … Read More

EH&S Management software

Is it time to get EH&S Management software? 3 Tell-tale signs

Renewed interest in addressing business-related environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) concerns has brought on a deluge of government regulations and fines. Despite the increasing complexity that has come with these updated and new regulatory standards, some organizations are still unconvinced … Read More

The Safe Approach

Good Housekeeping: The Safe Approach

Even those who are very familiar with the professional applications of the term “housekeeping” may not be aware of how essential communication is for the proper handling of it. Good housekeeping generally equates to increased safety. If it makes sense … Read More

Dashboards and Analytics

How to Use Dashboards and Analytics to Streamline Business Safety

In the age of Industry 4.0, organizations generate and store an enormous amount of data. Some of this data is used for improving EH&S programs, as well as preventing future workplace safety issues. To efficiently analyze all the safety data … Read More