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Your priority is to keep your team safe, but job safety analysis (JSA) does more than protect your people – it will also help you stay on schedule.

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Safety Stratus Methodology

The best way to engage workers, supers and site managers; turning them into advocates for your on-site Safety Program.





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Do more than just get through your job safety analysis (JSA) and observations. Start a conversation around safety that stems from the analytics and insight you need to ensure accountability, increase communication, and …drumroll, please… impact your on-site safety program all while staying on schedule.

Not only can streamlining your safety program be done, but it can also have a real impact on your insurance premiums by improving your experience modification rate (EMR). While you’re at it, you can also make a difference in your safety culture by using the time you saved to focus on jobs well done along with closing out corrections.


Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Arming your safety and project managers with mobile tools to do quick, effective safety observations and job safety analysis (JSA) will help you mitigate hazards, correct poor practices, and reward jobs-well-done on site.


Simple Work Starts

Want to put together a quick punch list for your morning Toolbox? Done. Our solution gives you the ability to create a fast audit, so you can track any actions that come out of your morning chats.


Prep Job Sites

Once the job is underway, going back to replace ladders or add railings is much more of a headache than it would be if you requested the right stuff up front. We give you the efficient audit tools you need to prep your jobsite during buyout, so you can break ground on the right note.


Show, Don’t Tell

You know binders and manuals aren’t effective for communicating best practices across projects, which is why an online, mobile tool your team can access with their smartphones or tablets will keep everyone in the know on safety.