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Webcor Safety increases employee participation with SafetyStratus. The Safety team at the Century Plaza Residential Project is using Recognitions to drive employee involvement in risk management.

Industries: Construction
Workflows: Inspections, Corrective Actions, EH&S Processes
Size: 100
Location: San Francisco, California
Discovered SafetyStratus: 2017

Webcor is known for its innovative and collaborative approach to construction, BIM / virtual building techniques, and expertise in building iconic projects.

The Challenge

To create an environment that increases employee involvement in the safety indicator program.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Webcor Builders is a commercial construction contractor with several landmark projects in its portfolio. When Webcor was looking at software applications to manage its safety indicator program, it spoke to several software vendors, and tried products in the field. Justin Walz, Safety Director at Webcor, explains. “Webcor undertakes new and challenging projects all the time that expose our teams to various risks, we needed a safety application that had to be accessed by foreman, superintendents, construction managers, and other team members, we also required a tool that was easy to use, reinforced good safety practices, and created a feedback loop for better performance and increased participation across the organization. We wanted to be absolutely sure that the software vendor we chose would be innovative, collaborate on features, and support our partners and subcontractors at various sites.” Justin adds “One of the first projects we implemented SafetyStratus was Century Plaza, where our safety manager, Milton Rodas, and his involvement with the application was critical in strategizing a company wide Recognitions program.


“A Safety Program that does not incorporate Recognition as one of its key aspects, cannot possibly be successful.”, Milton Rodas, the Senior Safety Manager at Century Plaza comments, “Appreciation is, without a doubt, the most basic human need in any workplace. This needs to be recognized by leaders in Construction and implemented in the field as diligently as basic PPE compliance is. The most effective way to accomplish this, I have found, is by creating a platform where the recognition is made public, is spontaneous and sincere, and gets people clapping and wanting to be recognized the following week.”

Instant Results

Increased User Engagement and Improvements in Quality and Productivity
“We are very focussed on safety. An Employee Recognition Program was what was much needed and we were able to push it along with our partners at SafetyStratus”
Milton Rodas
Safety Manager, Webcor Builders

The Solution

Recognition Platform Enabled Safety Application

With SafetyStratus, Milton and his team quickly saw that a feature for recognition, and other leading/lagging factors were quick and easy to incorporate. Milton outlined a structure for their process that included a channel for recognising not just safety of employees but also leading and lagging factors which would define their guidelines for the future.


Webcor Builders now uses SafetyStratus to measure the activity in their region and award those individuals who have contributed towards the inculcation of a safe environment. SafetyStratus was able to understand the requirements and within a short turnaround time was able to deliver an easy to use Recognition structure which helped Milton and others in the department chart out several factors which have helped develop their safety program. “Our team quickly saw that SafetyStratus provided a more process oriented and structured way to track leading indicators”. Milton explains.


“Recognition was seamlessly woven into the platform and this has made it very easy and convenient for our workers to use.” There was also very little dependence on IT to measure or analyse the findings as the system is cloud based.

To enter a new Recognition, for example, Milton or any member of Webcor Builders could log in to the SafetyStratus system and fill out the recognition form under the Reporting tab and this can be instantly be tracked and measured.

The Results

Increased User Engagement and Improvements in Quality and Productivity

The SafetyStratus development team rapidly worked alongside Webcor to deliver the employee recognition program. With the help of SafetyStratus, Milton found that he could make public the results of recognition and awards became a regular feature. It also helped boost and encourage all employees to adopt a culture of safety. “We are very focussed on safety”, says Milton. “An Employee Recognition Program was what was much needed and we were able to push it along with our partners at SafetyStratus”. Each month Webcor recognizes and acknowledges the safest work crew that did the most efficient work with the best quality.

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