UF Safety Awareness Event

UF Safety Awareness Event

Wendy Kern-Usrey and Cary Usrey will be attending the UF’s Safety Awareness Event hosted by the UF EHS Staff in Gainesville, FL. … Read More

EHS Buzz- Cary 2023 NSC Safety Congress & Expo

2023 NSC Safety Congress & Expo

“A Safety Management Systems Approach to Contractor Safety” Companies are increasingly relying on contractors to fulfill shortages in labor. This technical workshop addresses the gaps (such as in communications) that are growing with this trend and offers strategies for defining … Read More

ACFS Safety Day 2023

Alliance for Central Florida Safety (ACFS) Safety Day 2023

“Vendor Spotlight” As a Gold Sponsor, SafetyStratus is supporting the Alliance for Central Florida Safety (ACFS) in providing valuable and high-quality training and networking seminars to professionals seeking to develop their education and careers in health, safety, and risk management. … Read More

2023 ASSP SafetyFOCUS

2023 ASSP SafetyFOCUS

“Leveraging HOP to Operationalize Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention” During this two-day course, Cary Usrey and Todd Hohn will explain the difference between injury and fatality prevention. Attendees will hear case studies and be able to contribute to the discussion … Read More

2023 ASSP Region VI Annual PDC

2023 ASSP Region VI Annual Professional Development Conference

“Seven Steps to Safety Sustainability” In this workshop, Cary Usrey shares the seven steps necessary to building a proactive and sustainable safety program. During the presentation, the audience will benefit from an offering of examples of tested and effective components … Read More

CSHEMA 70th Annual Conference

“Building an ‘Information Action Strategy’” In this technical session, Cary Usrey will lead fellow EHS professionals through the steps involved and offer real-world examples of creating a strategy for transforming safety data into actionable insights. The following will be covered … Read More