Create, Cultivate
Your Safety Culture

At the core of strong safety culture is action and accountability. Our mobile solution gives you the tools to observe and track your team’s behavior-based safety performance. Now you have the leading indicators and right insight to focus your training and reward a job well done.

At the core of safety culture is behavior, which is why we developed a solution to help you observe behavior based safety conduct so you may focus your follow up where needed or reward a job well done.
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Scheduling Tool

Set automatic observation audits to go to your on-site team on time, every time.


Behavior Monitor

There’s nothing like a field test! Evaluate and record how your team does in action. Now that’s behavior based safety at its finest!

Corrective Actions Tracker

Corrective Actions Tracker

Streamline communication – our system sends and tracks corrective actions for you.


Intuitive Interface

Simple, straightforward tool for doing your behavior based safety observations, collecting the data you need, and moving on with your workday.

Mobile App

Go Mobile

Our solution scales to work on your tablet, so you can take your tech with you on site.


Configure or Choose

We have behavior based safety observation audits in our library for you to start with, or you can configure your own. Up to you!


Enhance Culture

Behavior based safety observations allow you to record how your team does in action, so you can focus your safety strategy accordingly, correct behavior on site, and pass along some well-deserved kudos. You’ll feel better knowing your team is on their A-game, and they’ll appreciate knowing you have their back.


Correct On Site

You may train your team until they’re blue in the face, but working on the job is a different game with real consequences. The best time to curb bad habits is in the moment, and now you have a tool to help you do just that.


Ensure Quality

You may not be able to train every guy one your job, but you can certainly do a quick quality check to make sure they know what they’re doing and are safe on your site.


Mitigate Risk

You have the great responsibility to keep your team safe, and we can help you with the technology and structure to cover your basis, stay compliant, and stay on schedule.