The Mount Sinai Health System

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User Managed Software Programs That Centralize Communication With EHS

Industries: Health Care, Research

Workflows: EH&S Processes

Size: 38,000 Employees

Location: New York, New York

Discovered SafetyStratus: 2016

The Mount Sinai Health System is an integrated health care system providing exceptional medical care to local and global communities.

The Requirements

A Software Platform That Seamlessly Coordinates EH&S Operations, And Provides A 360 Degree View Of Activities In An Expansive Multi-Campus Clinical And Research Environment

Mount Sinai Hospital, founded in 1852, is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States. The hospital is also affiliated with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The Mount Sinai system encompasses the Icahn School of Medicine and seven hospital campuses in the New York metropolitan area, as well as a large, regional ambulatory footprint. EH&S set out with the initial goal of selecting a software platform that enables performing and viewing inspection results, responding to, or reassigning corrective actions, setting up rosters, delegating safety management functions to team members, viewing and assigning safety training requirements, completing assessments (PCRA, lab, ICRA), setting personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for work areas, managing waste and inventory, and customizing regulatory workflows including biosafety, fire, radiation, and a variety of internal processes.

“We knew what we wanted from the EHS Software Platform. It was important to us that the vendor worked with other institutions operating on a similar scale and understood the daily tactical challenges of hospital, research, academic, and construction EH&S”. Mark Matthews, Director of Environmental Health & Safety at Mount Sinai, explains. “We were on the lookout for a scalable, configurable system that could engage our users and scale to the extent of our operations, locations and facilities. Within our 300+ sites, and 36 institutes focused on multidisciplinary research, educational, and clinical progress work, we have more than 38,000 employees. This number entails over 6500 primary care physicians and specialists, including a varied list of globally recognized leaders in their fields. The software needed to be
customizable to manage all areas of EH&S, and scalable to all of our various locations, while engaging our users in a unified, intuitive experience.”

“We created our ideal work flows for various EHS operations at scale, and realized that most vendors didn’t have what we needed until we came across SafetyStratus.”
Josef Ehntholt
Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety, The Mount Sinai Health System

The Solution

A Modular Configurable Platform

Mark’s team was pleased to find that the SafetyStratus approach to implementation and data management comes from experience with similar institutions. “Our team quickly saw that SafetyStratus provided a more process-oriented way to roll out implementation,” Mark says. “The initial dialogue and discussion focused on their modular approach, making it
simple, and easy to get started with data imports. Integrations with Mount Sinai systems went smoothly without the usual delays that are so common with these types of deployments.” Josef Ehntholt, Assistant Director of EHS at Mount Sinai adds “We’ve been asking Principal Investigators to do hazard assessments and create a laboratory specific chemical hygiene plan that encompasses their research, the hazard classes, and highlights the PPE requirements and engineering controls. This is a program that our users manage, and the software asynchronously centralizes the communication with our office. So, this is a living repository that our user community is able to help us update.”

The Mount Sinai team was able to utilize the platform’s configuration options as well. “The ability to customize and configure aspects of the platform to match our internal workflow was pretty fantastic,” Mark continues. “We were able to brand the program to match our internal communications and design standards. We made every aspect of the user experience our own, from simple aesthetics such as background colors, fonts and positioning of elements, to the ability to carefully craft email notifications and gentle reminders for overdue training notifications. We were given several opportunities to impress our users whether they were accessing the applications on their desktops or mobile devices.”

The Results

Within the first few months of implementation, Mount Sinai EHS was able to assess and improve their training compliance. Using LATCH, several documented corrective actions were closed, and they were able to analyze department-level reporting on safety performance. These
actions alone led to the most insightful conversations with representatives during monthly meetings.

Greg Kwolek, Director of Product Management for SafetyStratus, adds, “We are always excited to hear feedback from users. Our platform is built with the user experience and functionality as the prime drivers. Whether it is a new application for a biological protocol, amending a permit for a radioactive isotope, or a simple waste disposal request, we want to make sure that the user can do it in as few clicks as
possible in a simple user interface.” SafetyStratus’ goal is comprehensive and simplistic software, customizable to the institution and individual. To meet the needs of organizations such as Mount Sinai EHS, creating ease in workflow which affects so many people’s lives, is the pinnacle of that goal. Safetystratus is eager to align with the journey and mission of Mount Sinai EHS and anticipates building a strong
partnership in the years to come.

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