SafetyStratus Podcast – Episode 5


You may know Trish as the former president and powerhouse for the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), but I had an opportunity to dig a little deeper and discover how she came to be the mover, shaker she is today. Spoiler alert, there’s a zoo involved. Have a listen as Trish shares her story, talks through how safety maximizes efficiency, and discusses the impact technology and the expansion of education have on the safety professionals.

SafetyStratus Podcast – Episode 4

Take The Leap – Neal Langerman’s Story

You may know Neal Langerman as the industry expert and powerhouse behind Advanced Chemical Safety, the leading resource dedicated to preventing workplace injury and environmental damage. Neal’s career has been quite a ride… so grab a cup of coffee and listen to his transition from education to safety consulting. Neal tells us what it takes to establish credibility and with how you can make safety a priority.

SafetyStratus Podcast – Episode 3

The Power Of One – John Tomich’s Story

John Tomich, Principal for North Star Consulting and nationally recognized OSHA expert, always knew he was meant to save lives. On a journey that started with the Maritime College, John quickly stepped into taking on “the man” to enforce OSHA regulations long before they were the national standard they are today. John knows what it takes to be STARS, or among the VPP safety elite, and shares words of wisdom on how to get your company and culture there.

SafetyStratus Podcast – Episode 2

Doing With Data – Ralph Stuart’s Story

Ralph Stuart, Chemical Hygiene Officer for Keene State College and Secretary for the Division of Chemical Health and Safety in the American Chemical Safety, shares his inspiration to start a 30-career in environmental health and safety, and what he’s learned along the way. Have a listen to Ralph share what goes into a catered lab safety program, what it takes to move your safety initiative forward, and how to gather the information you need to realize leading indicators.

SafetyStratus Podcast – Episode 1

Prevention By Design – TJ Lyon’s Story

TJ Lyons, Corporate Safety Director for Gilbane Building Company, discusses incident prevention through design, shares his start in safety, and talks about shifting your perspective to eliminate site hazards. Have a listen to hear TJ tell a story or two along with sharing some advice for making the most of your company culture and career in safety.